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Brief Review

Titan Poker is a major poker room from iPoker Network and uses Playtech software. After the passage of the UIGEA Titan stopped the influx of American players and reached an interim low but it recovered quickly and acheived strong growth by adding a multitude of European and Scandinavian languages that continues to pull in the European players. Currently, the players and constant strain grows faster than the average Poker Room not least because of the high proportion of casino players that are dominated by relatively loose play. TitanPoker is characterized by a big number of promotions and special programs such as the live events, and others including the Irish Open, the Aussie Millions, EPT events and the $2,500,000 online tournament.

Popularity > 9 of 10 - Excellent

Traffic dropped considerably at TitanPoker after the USA ban affected the whole of the iPoker Network. In the following years Titan have regained much of their user base by offering the Titan Poker Client software in all the European and Scandinavian languages and by offering substantial bonus's and promotions to new and existing players. Titan Poker are now seen large Poker room and is the fourth most popular site for cash games.
If you're after Texas Hold'em at low ($0.01/ $0.05) to medium limits ($1/$5) then you'll find Titan more than adequate but if you're after higher limit games ($10/$20) and either 7 card stud or Omaha then it may be a bit harder to find a table to join with constant players.

Software client and Server Security > 8 of 10 - Very Good

Security is one aspect that takes first place at Titan Poker: every bit of information that is transferred between the client software and the server is completly encrypted with 128-bit SSL. Each player has their identity checked and verified on registration and prior to their first withdrawal. Play is constantly monitored by highly advanced software and a team of dedicated staff that watch for patterns of collusion and unjust means. Every transaction and wager that you make are tracked and can be viewed in Game History which is a nice added feature.
Titan Poker and all Poker clients on the iPoker network are licensed and regulated for gaming activity by the Mohawk territory KahnawakeGamingCommission (.KGC) The number generator that produces randomness for the Titan Poker software client and servers is approved and tested yearly by the TechnicalSystemsTesting (.TST)

Competition from Players > 8 of 10 - Very Good

Titan being a larger Poker room you will find many fish on the low limit games unwittingly ready to part with their money though since Titan gives good initial deposit bonus you may find seasoned pros fullfilling their bonus requirements and preying on the easy fish. That said if your patient and keep good notes on other players you can easily spot the fish from the (non-fish) sharks and gain a tidy profit at Titan Poker.

Software > 9 of 10 – Excellent

The software at Titan is designed and developed at Playtech, intially an educational games software house that turned their attention, wisely, to the online gaming market. The interface is attractive and easy on the eyes color pleasantly decorated. Initial minor software problems have been resolved long ago, the software is stable and running error free. The game includes offering Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Five Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Mixed games are not offered. All variants as a cash game and in the Turniermodi SnG (Sit and Go are), MTT (Multi Table Tournaments) and heads-up (two players) available. All clients, including Titan, on the iPoker network are now available to work with PokerTracker.

The client software offers many features including "turbo" tables where players have less time to make decisions, which speeds up the game and makes it very interesting. Some other features are a lobby where it is very easy to navigate to find the game you're looking for ie fast, play money tables for practice, learn to use software and a number of tournaments with multiple tables purchases low. The Lobby has tabs across the top of the screen for players, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha hi / lo, tournaments and games. You can search for individual players, including people you've added to your Buddy list and choosing the label of the player or the type of game you would like to play. Once the label is chosen, you can choose between Limit, Pot-Limit, No-limit turbo, the "heads up" and play money tables games rings and Sit n Go Satellite, special heads-up tournaments and Sit n Go Jackpot tournaments. Each column can be sorted from lowest to highest or highest to lowest, so it is very easy to find what you are looking for.

The application is attractive and easy to use. Once you have installed the application the game action buttons are located at the bottom center of the screen and are, we feel, a bit small, but you easily get used to them. There is a dialog box where you can talk with other players in the bottom left corner. Titan Poker offers you the opportunity to keep your notes on your opponents and add to a list of friends by making a left click on an opponent and your notes by typing in the box that pops up or by checking the "buddy" box. You can download the free software and I suggest you play several hands on the "play money" tables to get used to the software before you start the real money games.

CustomerSupport > 10 of 10 – Outstanding

Titan Poker has a comprehensive range of channels with which to make contact with customer support and include: email, telephone, instant live chat (24/7). You may have to wait a while to get a customer support representative on live chat as this is the most popular form of correspondance so it may be worth phoning them if it is a urgent request or problem. The customer staff at Titan are knowledgeable and quick to answer your questions.

CompanyEthics > 9 of 10 – Excellent

This is a relatively new poker site but still maintains a feeling of an established room with service, support, and security top of the agenda. The standard rake is 5% and is taken at stages to a final level of $3 though many tables are to be found where the rake is a lower upper limit. In addition if a hand does not reach the flop then rake is not taken for that hand.

SitePromotions > 10 of 10 – Outstanding

Titan Poker offers many excellent promotions throughout the year but firstly if you're not yet a registered titan poker player you can benefit from the promotion of a gigantic welcome bonus of 150% up to $600 + $25 Free Instant cash when you sign up. Also when you're new to Titan you can enter five new player freeroll torunaments to get you started with a guarenteed prize of $20,000! Here's a list of the special and current promotions at Titan Poker:

1. Sit 'N' Go League

Destroy your opponents one after the other and win your share of $ 25,000 during our Leagues Sit 'N' Go this month. Players will be positioned for the number of tournaments they have won.

2. 2010 World Challenge

Titan Poker has just launched the biggest challenge ever held! In this event, Titan Poker offers you the chance to tell you the best poker player in your country and to compete against other players at international level as a representative of your country. The 5 best players in the world will each win a prize package worth $ 13,000 Main Event World Series of Poker 2010 in Las Vegas - the largest poker tournament of the year 2010.

3. Team Titan Bounty

Titan Poker would like to invite you to try your luck to beat the members of Team Titan WIN $ 100 FOR EACH MEMBER DEFEATED! The members of Team Titan will be announced according to published results. Sign up for $ 10 + $ 2 only Titan have also also added $500 to the total prize pool. To enter in action and how it works:

1. Enjoy special offers in the lobby of the poker room.

2. Click on "Titan Team Bounty $500 added.

3. Try to beat the members of Team Titan and win $100 cash.

4. VIP Club | Improved Club Titan

Titan have a new and improved Club Titan now called VIP Club. The Club Rewards Titan is very simple and here's how it works:
1. Play on Titan Poker and earn points!
2. Earn VIP points quicker
3. Redeem your points whenever you want!

Each hand that is played in real money mode will earn you points. These points are calculated by how much is in the pot for each hand. A player will receive 17 points for every $1 of rake (see site for more details on rake). Earn enough points each month and you will reach a VIP status that will earn you points even faster.

5. $250,000 Guaranteed | every Sunday at 19:00 GMT+1

Get ready for the $ 250,000 Guaranteed Freezeout Tournament Sunday. This tournament is held every Sunday of the month (except on Sundays when the tournament "Monthly Million" takes place). This tournament offers a starting stack of 5,000 chips and blinds that increase every 15 minutes. The buy-ins for the "$ 250,000 Guaranteed" are $ 300 + $ 20, but players can also win a place at one of our daily satellites.


Titan want your friends to play as much as you do and they are willing to give you up to $215 reward money for inviting your friends and getting them to pay along side you!

Here's how the refer a friend reward works:

1. Your friend downloads the Titan Poker software
2. Open an account, make a deposit of at least $50 and accumulated 200 points (they will also receive a welcome bonus of $50 (see terms and conditions of the promotion)
3. What do you get in return: When your friend has downloaded the Titan Poker software, opened an account, made a deposit of at least $50 and accumulated 200 points, a cash bonus will be awarded based on the number of friend you invite to Titan Poker. (see website for the increments of reward money available for the amount of friends you invite.)

7. New Despositor FreeRoll | WIN A SHARE OF $2,500!

Make your first deposit and win your share of CASH. Here's how:

Make your first deposit at Titan Poker and get FOUR FREE CHIPS to be used to participate in one seven New Players Freeroll tournaments each month for $2,500 absolutely free!
Every Thursday and most of Saturday at 20:00 GMT, Titan Poker New Player Freeroll tournaments to $2,500. The tournaments are open to all players who have made their first deposit.
There is no buy-in for these great tournaments, and absolutely no cost!
The tokens can be exchanged for cash or against any other promotion and will expire three months after being issued.

8. Titan Poker Team!

Meet the Team Titan Poker Team!
Discover the players who will represent Titan Poker at tournaments around the world!
You can read all the latest updates through blogs and reports of players so you can share experiences, pictures and much more!

9. "My Speedy Alert" by TitanPoker

Download My Speedy Alert "today and you will receive the latest information on Titan tournaments and bonus offers direct to your computer!

My Speedy Alert is free, easy to install and has a small footprint on your computer.

10. First deposit Signup Bonus

Make your first deposit at Titan Poker, and using the bonus code EN625 Titan will give you 150% up to $600 plus $25 Free Instant Cash as a welcome bonus.

All you need to do is play for Titan Poker Points on the tables and tournaments. The more you play, the faster you receive your Welcome Bonus. See Terms and Conditions for more details.

11. Fort Knox $50,000 Progressive Jackpot Sit 'N' Go

Titan Poker will give out a jackpot of $50,000 to the champion of 6 consecutive tournament "Sit 'n' Go's" Fort Knox Jackpots. If nobody wins the jackpot, it will increase from the second week to $10,000 each week until one player wins the jackpot. The pool will automatically revert to the original amount of $50,000 without notice being given.

Titan Poker in addition will award $750 to a player who comes in either First (1st) or Second (2nd) place in six consecutive tournament Fort-Knox Jackpot "Sit 'n' Go"s.

Fort Knox - a 6 Player SNG Tournament. Fees: $50 + $9. When the required number of players are registered and ready to go, the tournament begins.

12. $25,000 Rio Progressive Jackpot

Titan Poker will pay a jackpot of $25,000 to the winner of the 6 Tournament consecutive Sit 'n' Go's Rio Jackpot.

The Rio is a 6 Player SNG Tournament.
Fee: $ 20 + $ 3.50. Once the required number of players reached the tournament begins. The tournament is more than just a SNG. By winning 6 times consecutively, you will receive a $25,000 Jackpot!

The Rio Jackpot is a progressive jackpot, it increases every week til one player wins.

Titan Poker will also award a prize of $300 to any player finishing in first (1) or second (2) position.

13. Dirty Dozen Sit 'n' Go Jackpot

Titan Poker pay out a jackpot of $2,000 to the winner who makes 4 consecutive tournaments of $2 +0.40 Sit 'n' Go. The Dirty Dozen is a 12 player SNG Tournament. Fee: $2 + $0.40. Once the required number of players has been reached the tournament begins. Win amazing prizes for ONLY $2.40!

14. Weekly Depositors Freeroll

Every Saturday there is a Titan Poker Weekly Depositors Freeroll. These tournaments are open to all players who have made a deposit at least one week before the freeroll. Compete with players around the world and win a share of the guaranteed prize pool of $1,200. Admission is free and no extra charge! If you have not already made a deposit, it is not too late! Make at least one deposit and you will receive a token for the Weekly Depositors Freeroll.

15. Top Hand of the Day Bonus

Win the best hand of the day in any game in real money mode with four Kings (KKKK) or higher and you will receive the $100 bonus for the best hand! Only four Kings or higher qualify and both hole cards must be used. Three more players must be involved and stay in until the end of the hand (flop) to qualify. This bonus is only valid on the tables for Texas Hold 'em and also not be a tournament.

16. Bad Beat Bonus

If you have a top hand and lady luck decides to thumb her nose at you when you show your cards, don't worry because even if you lose, you win with a Bad Beat bonus! If you play Texas Hold'em for real money and you lose at the showdown with a hand of four Kings (KKKK) or higher, then you can claim a Bad Beat Bonus. The Bad Beat Bonus will be awarded under the following conditions:

  • Square King (KKKK) or higher, must be beaten to qualify.
  • Both pocket cards must be used.
  • To receive this bonus you must send an e-mail to titan poker assistance

    OverallReview > 9 of 10 – Excellent

    Even though Titan suffered after the loss of their USA player base they have been quick to build a solid European following by the addition of a multi language poker client application and website. For low limit games, an abundance of tournaments, promotions and one of highest welcome bonus's Titan is definitely the poker room to beat and have set a benchmark that many other rooms could do well to follow.

    Result: We give Titan Poker a final average of 9 / 10.

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